Custom Dating Site

December 6, 2017By advandate

If you’re looking to have AdvanDate create a custom dating site then be sure to check out, a brand new custom built dating site by AdvanDate.  AdvanDate was approached by OneWorldDating in January of 2017 to help them bring their vision to life. Fast forward 10 months later and you have one of the best … Read More

AdvanDate Partners with Requitix

November 14, 2017By advandate

AdvanDate is currently working in partnership with to offer dating site owners the next generation payment solution in the form of a new cryptocurrency being offered by Requitix. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Requitix will be available to AdvanDate dating software customers as a better payment gateway solution than PayPal and other credit card … Read More

Dating Site Owner Tips

August 24, 2017By advandate

When it comes to starting a new dating site we’ve got 10 tips for you to help you be more successful. Here you go: Don’t charge memberships until you get a good profile base of real people. Charging for memberships when you don’t have any members will send a bad message. Besides, would you pay … Read More

Free Dating Site Knowledge

July 19, 2017By advandate

Do you want 20 years worth of online dating knowledge given to you for free? All YOU need to do is call us. We have been in the online dating business for over 20 years. Yes, over 20 years. Back in the day we worked along side Yes, over 20 years. We’ve learned a … Read More

Now Accepting Bitcoin

July 3, 2017By advandate

Starting today AdvanDate will take Bitcoin to purchase the dating software. Bitcoins is taking over the crypto-currency marketplace. It’s the largest and most well-known digital currency by far. Many online retailers are now accepting Bitcoin for ecommerce and now we do too.  Using Bitcoins you no longer have to worry about bank fees, conversion fees … Read More

Hot Dating Markets

June 8, 2017By advandate

From time to time people who come looking to start a dating site don’t really know what type of dating site they want to start. While most start sites around their hobbies, there are those that just want to break into the dating industry. With that in mind and with those that don’t have a … Read More

Seasonal Dating Sites

May 7, 2017By advandate

So you’re looking to start a dating site but can’t really come up with an idea. Here at AdvanDate, not only do we provide dating software solutions but we also give you ideas on what types of dating sites to starts. We’ve always said that dating sites should be started around ones hobbies and passions … Read More

International Dating Software

April 26, 2017By advandate

Are you searching for International Dating Software that allows you to have multiple languages including English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Dutch, French, Korean, Taiwanese, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, German, Danish, Bosnian, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkey, Portugues, Slovak, Swedish, Polish, Czech and Japanese. These are the languages that we have in the dating software right now … Read More

White Label Dating Release

April 25, 2017By advandate

AdvanDate is pleased to announce the release of the White Label Dating Add-On.  The White Label Dating Add-On turns your dating site into a dating network. Create unlimited markets and allow those markets to be used by other dating sites owners and earn commissions off of their memberships. This is a complete turn-key solution that … Read More

Stop Scammers Automatically

March 22, 2017By advandate

The fact is that a percentage of your dating traffic will be scammers and spammers looking to rip off your members. No dating site is immune from it.  Now you can remove scammers and spammers that hit your dating site automatically. Detect, remove and stop scammers and spammers automatically before they strike with Scamalyze™ by … Read More