When it comes to starting a dating site you need to have the right stuff. Without it your dating venture will fail and to fail with a dating site means that you put a lot of work and effort into your site and the site failed to do what you wanted it to do which at the end of the day means earn money. Enter AdvanDate…

You need a dating software application that can grow as your member base grows. You need a dating software application that you can keep free or charge for memberships. The dating app should be responsive and mobile friendly and offer features that your members will love. That is and has always been the objective of AdvanDate. 

We have put a lot of features into the dating software. Not to inundate the experience but to offer you as a dating site owner more options for your market. This means that you can turn on and off features that you don’t want to use. While we include things like Classifieds, Groups and Forums, you don’t have to use them. Simply turn them off in the admin area.

The beauty of the AdvanDate dating software is that you don’t even have to use it for dating. We get a lot of customers that use the software for other profile driven sites outside of dating. Examples would be a roommate site, a nanny share site or an employee/employer search site. This is because you can change all the profile questions to what you want. Even the gender profile questions. 

Here at AdvanDate we pride ourselves on the features we have including Live Video Chat which is something that other providers charge you for. Our Live Video Chat uses WebRTC and HTML5 to allow your members to talk to each other via their webcams. That’s an amazing function that others charge heavily for but we include it in the software at no charge.

These features along with tons of other features is why when you buy the AdvanDate dating software applications, you’re getting The Right Stuff.

We offer two versions of the dating software. We have version 12.2 and version 13. Both have different frameworks and setups. While some might love the new version 13, others might love the previous version. We have setup two Dating Demos for you to check out and if you have any questions, please hit us up on our chat in the bottom right of this site or email us or call us at 843-812-5900. We’re here to help…

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