International Dating Software

April 26, 2017By advandate

Are you searching for International Dating Software that allows you to have multiple languages including English, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian, Dutch, French, Korean, Taiwanese, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, German, Danish, Bosnian, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkey, Portugues, Slovak, Swedish, Polish, Czech and Japanese. These are the languages that we have in the dating software right now … Read More

White Label Dating Release

April 25, 2017By advandate

AdvanDate is pleased to announce the release of the White Label Dating Add-On.  The White Label Dating Add-On turns your dating site into a dating network. Create unlimited markets and allow those markets to be used by other dating sites owners and earn commissions off of their memberships. This is a complete turn-key solution that … Read More

Stop Scammers Automatically

March 22, 2017By advandate

The fact is that a percentage of your dating traffic will be scammers and spammers looking to rip off your members. No dating site is immune from it.  Now you can remove scammers and spammers that hit your dating site automatically. Detect, remove and stop scammers and spammers automatically before they strike with Scamalyze™ by … Read More

Dating Site Analytics

March 11, 2017By advandate

With any website you will want to know where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing, how much time they spend on your site and where they leave. The same thing applies to Dating Site Analytics. This data gives you great knowledge on what you should be doing with your dating site. We’ll go … Read More

Truth About Dating Sites

February 23, 2017By advandate

When it comes to starting an online dating website you need to know the ins and outs of how it all works and how much you can expect to get out of it otherwise you’ll be spinning your wheels going nowhere. At AdvanDate we don’t want to just sell you dating software, we want to … Read More

Free Support and Free Upgrades

February 4, 2017By advandate

Despite what the competition is writing on review sites, AdvanDate NEVER charges for support and we NEVER charge for upgrades. All support and all upgrades are 100% completely free. We have never charged for support or upgrades and we never will. Charging for support on a software product in this day and age is asinine. If … Read More

AdvanDate Difference

January 16, 2017By advandate

People often ask us “What is different about AdvanDate?” or “How are you different from other dating software providers?”. They are great questions and have many different components to the answer. First off, unlike all other dating software providers, is located here in the states (Wyoming) and by being here in the United States … Read More

Being First

January 15, 2017By advandate

I just read an article this morning about how the creator of Tinder came up with the Swipe Left/Right App idea. He was in the shower and had forgotten to turn the shower fan on so when he got out of the shower the mirror was foggy. So he wiped it with his hand and … Read More

Successful Dating Ventures

December 2, 2016By advandate

You’re reading this post because you see a title that says “Successful Dating Ventures” and you have a great idea for a dating site but you just don’t know how to go about it or how much money you could potentially make but first a disclaimer. These results are not written in stone and not … Read More

White Label Dating Add-On

October 22, 2016By advandate

Don’t just start a dating website, start a dating network empire with the White Label Dating Network Add-On. White Label Dating (WLD) is defined as one dating site with¬†the capability of¬†allowing other dating sites to connect to it to share the database of profiles. By adding the WLD Add-On, you turn your existing iCupid dating … Read More