Nice Guys Do It Too

June 3, 2009By advandate

I’m talking about online dating, of course. When the phenomenon of online dating sites started several years ago, they were a haven for perverts, sexual predators, nerds, and weirdos of assorted varieties. That is just no longer the case. All the stigma of online dating is gone. Online dating has gone main stream and is, … Read More

Dating Software Update 9.16

May 27, 2009By advandate

We shall shortly be updating the software download area with version 9.16, this is a minor software update which includes small changes to some of the language files, globals file and admin area. There is nothing major in this release therefore if your website is running smoothly there isn’t any need to update.

Dating Software Update Version 9.15

April 23, 2009By advandate

This weekend we will be releasing a small update for our dating software, version 9.15. It addresses a small number of grammar changes in a few of the language packages and includes some of the admin bug fixes. Please check our dating software forums for file updates.

Website Maintenance

March 20, 2009By advandate

This weekend we have scheduled website maintenance work started from Friday 20th and ending on Monday 23rd. We are updating the hosting servers which may take the website offline during this time, it will not affect in any way member websites or your services. We apologizes in advanced for any inconvenience and wish you all an enjoyable … Read More

New iCupid Software Forum

March 8, 2009By advandate

Due to popular demand we have changed our forum board and are now running our new Questions and Answers via our Support page. The Questions and Answers will now play a bigger role in support, and hold a lot more code and development resources for our customers. Its recommend that you take a few minutes to check … Read More

Dating Software 8-9 Upgrade

March 2, 2009By advandate

Our deepest apologies for all those waiting, we have finally released the long awaited version 8 – version 9 software upgrade files.  The upgrade guide can be found within the customer area under the software download section. The weekend has been an extremely busy one with over 80 successful upgrades therefore we have confidence that customers … Read More

iCupid Version 9 Success

February 11, 2009By advandate

This is just a quick post to thank everyone who was involved in the release of version 9 stable. We had a massive response with of over 1,500 downloads in the first hour of the update. The iCupid dating software upgrade release from version 8 to version 9 will shortly follow and we will then release a … Read More

iCupid Version 9 Upgrade

January 27, 2009By advandate

For all those waiting for the version 9 release we will be updating the customer area with the final stable version on the 5th Feb 2009. The software upgrade script will be included within the download shortly after on the 10th Feb allowing plenty of time for additional testing.

iCupid Stable Ver 9

January 27, 2009By advandate

iCupid Dating Software version 9 (stable) is set for release on Feb 6th. We have released a pre beta version which can now be downloaded via the customer area on our website. Any additional changes and addons will later be released on the 5th Feb with the stable version. Now is the best time to download … Read More