The business plan is a project unit in order to achieve investment financing and other development goals, based on scientific research, analysis, collection and collation of relevant information on the project after a preliminary period, based on a certain format. According to the specific requirements of the content, it is a written material that comprehensively shows the current status and future development potential of the company and the project to investors.  If you’re confused about, how to write a business plan this article is for you. We will offer you great help in writing a business plan.

The business plan is a comprehensive description of the business that the enterprise is engaged in. It describes in detail a company’s goods and services, production processes, markets and customers, marketing strategy, human resources, organizational structure, of the infrastructure and supply the demand, financing needs, and the resources and funds utilization.

How to write a business plan and its key objectives?

The direct purpose of writing a business plan is to find strategic partners or venture capital, and its content should reflect the investment value of the project in a true and scientific way. Generally speaking, the larger the project size, the longer the length of the business plan; if the enterprise’s business is single, it can be more concise. The characteristics of a good business plan are: focus on products, dare to compete, adequate market research, strong data explanations, guidelines for action, display of excellent teams, good financial forecasts, excellent summary of plans, etc. When applying for financing, writing a business plan is a crucial part, regardless of whether the applicant is a venture capital institution or any other source of investment or credit. Therefore, the business plan should be complete, sincere, based on facts, clear in structure, and easy to understand.

What is the role of writing the business plan?

Writing a business plan has many functions. The most important ones are the following:

  1. To achieve the purpose of corporate financing

A good written business plan is one of the key factors for obtaining loans and investments. How to attract investors, especially venture capitalists involved in venture capital projects, this is a high quality and rich content business plan, will enable investors to more quickly and effectively understand the investment project, will make investors The project is full of confidence, and invested in the project, and finally achieved the role of raising funds for the project.

  1. Fully understand your business

By formulating the corresponding business plan, you will have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of your business. It can better help you analyze your target customers, plan market categories to form pricing strategies, and define a competitive environment in which to conduct business to achieve success. The formulation of a business plan ensures that these considerations are coordinated. Similarly, in the development process are often able to develop considerable competitive advantage, or the plan itself bears new opportunities or inadequate. Just put the plan on paper to ensure that you improve your ability to manage the business. You can also concentrate on any deviations in the plan before the situation deteriorates. In the same way, you will have enough time to plan for the future, so as to prevent precautions.

  1. Provide information to partners

Use business plans to provide information to business partners and other relevant agencies.

In the process of compiling the plan, the most important purpose is to find a strategic partner that can become a strategic partner with yourself, in order to expect the company to be more energetic and achieve common development of multiple parties.

What’s in a business plan and how to write a business plan?

The details you include in your business plan depend largely on your audience. If you are attempting to obtain outside financing, it is important to include a full, comprehensive summary of your cash flow, expenditures, and estimates.

If your target is intended for workers, create a shorter version with the relevant material.

All business plans, however, usually follow a similar structure, regardless of the audience:

Business summary:

The summary of the business plan is the first thing that the risk investor must see. It condenses the essence of the business plan, reflects the overall picture of the business, and is the core of all the plans. It must interest venture investors and desire more information. The length is generally controlled at about two thousand words. It mainly includes the following items:

  1. Company Overview
  2. Research and development
  3. Product or service
  4. Management team and manage organizational situation
  5. Industry and market
  6. Marketing strategy
  7. Financing instructions
  8. Financial planning and analysis
  9. Risk factors
  10. Exit mechanism

Description of the Company:

This section is especially relevant when obtaining financing, as it offers a high-level summary of your background, company legal framework, your products / services, key partners, and summaries of your business and financial goals.


First, the business plan will include a detailed overview of the goods or services that you sell. Each segment is intended to demonstrate how your company helps your target clients.

An evaluating the market:

You really just need to clarify two things in this section: the need for the market, and how your goods and services meet that need. That includes targeted consumer segments, industry statistics, relevant marketing data, and a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Management team:

You want to know who runs the company before someone invests in your firm. Include a departmental map with details and information about stakeholders, main staff, management team, board members, advisors, etc.

Financial plan:

You will build the final portion of your business plan with the help of a qualified accountant. Present relevant financial statements, such as historic financial data from the past three to five years, practical budget estimates for the next five years and an overview of all of the financial results.


Although the business strategy can be used to attract buyers, partners, suppliers, etc. Always forget that the purpose of your business plan is to persuade you that it makes sense to have your business idea. Because in the end it’s your time, your money, and your on-line effort.

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