If you are in the business of online dating, you must know what a dating script is. Dating script is a piece of software given by God to make your life a bit easier. Online dating is a booming line of business in a lot of  countries around the world which is making great turnover and profits.

If you have a dating website created on WordPress, dating script is a must have piece of software for your website. Using dating script, you can build up the platform required for a dating website. It is highly customizable, flexible, compatible and affordable.

There are two types of dating scripts in the market; paid dating script and free dating script. While you may think there are benefits in both the options, there really isn’t. You will find out what why in the sections below.

What is a Free Dating Script?

Free dating script is the free version of a dating script. Many opts for the other option of using a paid dating script due to the many drawbacks of the free dating scripts. You may install it into your website, customize and make required amendments and at the end of the day, it might not work at all despite the time and effort you spent figuring out how to make it work. It might not really be your mistake, but simply the free dating script is not made to work but for other malicious purposes.

Free Dating Script vs Paid Dating Script

Talking about free dating script – the only advantage of the free dating script is that it is free. However, you have to mindful if you really want to install a free dating script into your WordPress website because these free dating scripts comes with a number of malware and viruses. Like mentioned above, you may spend many hours and effort trying to plug in a free dating script into your website, but it will never really work. Most of these free dating scripts are made for the purpose of spreading malware and viruses into your website or your PC. Not only you, but the traffic that is generated into your website also will be infected by malicious software. Hence, ruining your business because these users will not return again due to the bad experience with your website. There are some cases recorded where ransomware was spread via these types of software, where the users have to pay a ransom to free their personal computers or websites from a hacker disguised as a free dating script.

Therefore, be extra mindful when choosing the option of using a free dating script. Free dating scripts even though is free, comes with a price. It may ruin your website’s name forever, ruin your website’s backend code, ruin your PC’s data or worse will ask for an exorbitant ransom to get access back into your site, your data or both.

On the other hand, paid dating scripts are the recommended option when using dating scripts, why? – paid dating scripts are created actually for the task it advertises. You are at low risk in getting malicious pieces of software infecting your website or your computer when using paid dating script.

Therefore, the simple answer in which type of dating script is better is the paid version. Most of the sources do not recommend using free dating scripts for your WordPress website.

Do I need a lot of money to purchase a Dating Script?

Most of the paid dating scripts in the market are fairly cheap. To make it more accessible to different levels in our audience, Advandate comes with three options of pricing. The starter package which is only $399 which is a onetime payment, gives you more and enough options for a starter dating website to kickstart and function until the traffic grows big. The second package, which is priced at $599 onetime payment is suitable for a site with a larger traffic and when you realize that you could upgrade the starter package into getting more benefits. Finally, the Entrepreneur package, priced at $799 onetime payment is ideal when your WordPress dating site is a famous site serving thousands of users a day. This option can be used when you are expanding into many domains, in different regions as it can be used in unlimited sites.

With all the above packages, free support is given which is a great option that is not given by many other dating script vendors. Whenever you run into an issue, the support team can help you resolve your issue immediately.

Is it hard setting up Dating Script?

Dating scripts are designed in a manner where anyone with basic website development knowledge can use. If you have already created your website in WordPress with your knowledge, then setting up dating script in your website is a piece of cake. No programming nor coding knowledge is required to setup dating script. It has enough flexibility where the user is given options to customize the script as per their requirement.

Also, whenever you require support in setting up, you can always contact the support team round the clock to resolve your queries.

What features I get from a Paid Dating Script vs Free Dating Script?

Everything! Like I said, there’s good chance that the free dating scripts may not work at all during installation. Even though it does, the space to customize the script as per the requirement is very limited.

In general, a few of the features of using a paid dating script are – the software is flexible enough you are able to customize it as per the requirement. Provides a mobile dating platform to capture mobile uses. User friendly designs which are responsive and adapts to any device the users are on. Provides free support and free upgrades as required.

While the above are only a few benefits of using a paid dating service, it is definitely better an option than using a free dating script. Make an informed decision when you are deciding what type of a dating script is to be used for your website.

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