When looking for the best dating software there are a few things you want to be looking for and first and foremost is the company behind the supposed best dating software. You can find what looks to be pretty good dating software but if the company behind it doesn’t speak English or they don’t respond to your requests after the sale then you need to move along. Availability is key and without it you have a dating software app that doesn’t work for you.

There are some key factors and Dating Software Features you need to look for when looking at dating software solution besides the obvious availability of the company and some of those include:

Dating SoftwareFinding the best dating software that works!
Custom Profile SetupsYou need profile questions that fit your niche.
Search FunctionThe ability of users to find what they’re looking for.
Payment GatewaysYou need to be able to make money whether in free mode or paid mode.
Internal EmailMembers need a way to email other members.
NotificationsMembers must be notified whether they have emails, winks, chat requests etc.
Stable PlatformIf you’re getting hosting, it needs to be reliable.
Dating TrafficIf you don’t have dating traffic then you’re not going to make any money.

For people searching for the best dating software, you will definitely want the above features as the core but you also need to be able to change things and add things like new blogs/articles, additional pages and other items to help you create more content. Why? Because fresh new content is key to Google rankings. Google loves it. If you’re not adding new blogs/articles then you’re not going to get the traffic you need to be successful. 

Now a question we get a lot is about the dating software mobile apps. Sure they are good but not so much in niche marketing. Forcing an app on user could lead to fewer registrations. There are more steps to onboarding with dating mobile apps than with a responsive website design. Mobile apps on average add 3 more clicks to get into the site and this could lead to less people joining your site due to click attention span. You can offer the dating app once a user is onboarded but try to not force it from the beginning. 

Let’s go over the company in more detail. If the company supposedly selling the best dating software isn’t responsive to your emails then you’re going to be in a world of trouble and all that money you spent is going to be for nothing. If you don’t get a reply to your phone call/email within a few hours then it’s time to move on to a company that is more receptive and responsive and especially don’t fall for that “We’re in America” tactic. AdvanDate is the only American dating software provider. All others are located in Russia. SkaDate, DatingPro and Chameleon all claim to be in the US but they are not. Ask them to prove it next time you talk to them. They can’t because they aren’t here and here in America we play by a different set of company rules. 

So, does AdvanDate have the best dating software? That’s really relative and depends on what you’re looking for. Do we provide you with a lot of options? Yes. Do we provide free upgrades and free support? Yes. Do we stand behind what we sell? Yes. Do we take customer input when releasing a new version? You bet we do.

We hope that you view our Dating Software Demo, email or phone us and experience the AdvanDate difference!


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