November 8, 2018 / v.13.1

  • All Countries, States and City drop downs have been removed and replaced with Google GeoIP function. This eliminates the need for Country, State and City dropdowns as well as the need for zip codes. Users can now search a given number of miles from any city.
  • Version 13 didn’t allow for photos to be opened up when clicked on. This is now changed in version 13.1. Users can click on any profile media to have it open in a nice window.
  • There was a bug in the Admin Cropping tool which has been updated and replaced.
  • The photo quality of thumbs being stored is now enhanced.
  • My Quizzes (If Applicable) is now being shown on the profile view of members profiles.
  • We have added “Miles From” in the Quick Search and Advanced Search.
  • We have made an enhancement to the Live Video Chat.
  • There was a previous bug in the Slider Registration for non-register page questions being shown when set inactive and that is now resolved.
  • We fixed a bug in the Articles section where double clicking articles caused a mysql error. That has been resolved as well.
  • We have made changes to the default stylesheet to enhance the floating effect of the components throughout the site and it looks so much better.
  • We have also made many template changes to correct stylesheet issues on all templates.
  • We have made some typo changes as well in the language files.

June 4, 2018 / v.13

  • We also updated version 13 to PHP version 7 so be sure you have PHP ver 7 before applying the upgrade.
  • A new Boxed Layout as well as a Full Width Layout gives you a more appealing way to display your dating site.
  • Custom Compatibility Quiz – now you can create and customize your very own Compatibility Quiz where you set the weight of each question. Your members will see this on the home page when they login to their account. Once they answer the questions it will show up on their profile view so that other members can see them.
  • Live Video Chat/Instant Messenger – No more do you need a 3rd party solution for Live Video Chat. We have created a new integrated live video chat that uses HTML5. No servers or extra subscriptions required. It’s in version 13!
  • Credit Payments System – Now you can offer your members a way to buy Credits. You set the amount of credits required for the function as well as set the price for each credit.
  • Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway – AdvanDate partnered with Requitix to offer their cryptocurrency gateway solution which is now in the dating software. You can use Requitix or change it to Ethereum.
  • Profile Compare – Now when your members view other members when they click on the Compare tab they can see their profile data side by side and whatever details match will show up in the template color your using showing your members what details match.
  • Custom Menu Bar – There is a new quick search menu bar on the top left area when you login to the user side. Now you can customize that menu bar and put whatever links you want in it. Use it for quick links or other links to other pages.
  • Enhanced Notifications – Now when you login to the members area you’ll see a new notification area that shows things that are happening dynamically on your dating site.
  • Twitter Signup/Login – Your members can now get quickly registered by signing up and logging in with their Twitter accounts.
  • Google Signup/Login – Your members can now get quickly registered by signing up and logging in with their Google accounts.
  • New Blog/Article SEO Function – We have completely redesigned the internal admin area blogs/articles feature. It’s fully SEO friendly as well as a new layout structure both in the admin and user side.
  • SEO Pages Creation Tool – All pages that you create within your dating site are now fully SEO friendly. Create page titles, descriptions and keywords for each page you create.
  • New Permalink Structure – A new Permalink structure was put into place to allow for better indexing by Google/Yahoo/Bing search engines.
  • New Admin Statics – When you login to the admin area you’ll find new stats tabs across the top to give you a clear representation of your site including visitors, members and affiliates.
  • Home Page Notifications – A new notification bar was put into the top right area with a blinking icon to show members they have new notifications as well as instantly dynamic on screen notifications when the user is logged in.
  • Breadcrumbs – A new option breadcrumb feature was added to the dating software to allow users to navigate quickly back to areas they visited before. You can turn this On/Off via the Admin, Settings.
  • GDPR Compliant – In keeping with being GDPR compliant, AdvanDate has now added a new section in the User Settings area called “GDPR” that allows your users to download all data that is collected on them. This download is a CSV file format and can be downloaded at any time.