AdvanDate is pleased to announce the release of version 13.1. This is a security and bug release update. 

Some of the fixes and enhancements you’ll find in version 13.1 of the iCupid Dating Software are as follows.

  • All Countries, States and City drop downs have been removed and replaced with Google GeoIP function. This eliminates the need for Country, State and City dropdowns as well as the need for zip codes. Users can now search a given number of miles from any city. 
  • Version 13 didn’t allow for photos to be opened up when clicked on. This is now changed in version 13.1. Users can click on any profile media to have it open in a nice window.
  • There was a bug in the Admin Cropping tool which has been updated and replaced.
  • The photo quality of thumbs being stored is now enhanced. 
  • My Quizzes (If Applicable) is now being shown on the profile view of members profiles.
  • We have added “Miles From” in the Quick Search and Advanced Search.
  • We have made an enhancement to the Live Video Chat.
  • There was a previous bug in the Slider Registration for non-register page questions being shown when set inactive and that is now resolved. 
  • We fixed a bug in the Articles section where double clicking articles caused a mysql error. That has been resolved as well.
  • We have made changes to the default stylesheet to enhance the floating effect of the components throughout the site and it looks so much better.
  • We have also made many template changes to correct stylesheet issues on all templates. 
  • We have made some typo changes as well in the language files. 

These were the major issues that we resolved in 13.1 along with many other small changes. 

If you’re looking to update to version 13.1 then be sure to download the latest from area (It’s 13.1 now) and apply the update. To update your site please follow these steps in the 13.1 Update.

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