Despite what the competition is writing on review sites, AdvanDate NEVER charges for support and we NEVER charge for upgrades. All support and all upgrades are 100% completely free. We have never charged for support or upgrades and we never will.

Charging for support on a software product in this day and age is asinine. If you’re going to be a successful software company then you’re going to need to give free support to your customers. Charging for support not only puts a bad taste in your customers mouths but it also sends the wrong message. Why? We all know that hosting environments are all different. Different PHP versions, different mysql settings and add in custom php.ini files and something is bound not to work properly. That’s where free support comes in. If you offer free support then it gives the customer the feeling that someone has their back. It’s what we do. It’s the AdvanDate way, despite what the competition would have you think.

The same thing is true with upgrades. By offering free upgrades, not only do you keep and maintain your customers but you also give them the benefit of knowing that they have a great dating software application that keeps getting better as time goes on. Charging for upgrades is wrong and not in our blood.

We have written in the past about fake dating software reviews. There is one company that is known in this industry for posting fake slanderous reviews about dating software providers and AdvanDate is not immune from this. Their idea is if they can write fake reviews all over the web about us then it will turn into more sales for them. While it’s sad it is the world we live in but the great thing about being an American company is that we play by a different set of rules. We strive for success. We strive for your success. We don’t need to go post fake reviews about us or others online. We let our customer service and our software speak for itself.

If you have any questions about AdvanDate or our dating software applications, please, feel free to contact us at 843-732-4944. We’re here to help.


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