People often ask us “What is different about AdvanDate?” or “How are you different from other dating software providers?”. They are great questions and have many different components to the answer.

First off, unlike all other dating software providers, is located here in the states (Wyoming) and by being here in the United States we play by a different set of rules than other providers that are located in places like Russia and we’re not just a virtual presence here in the states, we’re actually physically located here. Other companies pretend to be in America. Setting up a virtual office in the US doesn’t make you a US company. One simple phone call to any of these providers will tell you that they are foreign based. That’s even if they answer the phone. 

We are constantly making the software better by adding new features and functions. In fact we push about about 4 updates a year including new features and new templates. Plus when you buy the dating software you get free upgrades and free support for life! No other dating software provider does that. 

When it comes to bugs in software we’re sure you are going to find one. This is because each hosting company is different in their setups so you have to accommodate changes in PHP and MySQL and that really defines a company in terms of getting it to work. We have a support ticket system in place that customers use to let us know if there is an issue. They also call us on our phone or they hit us up on chat. You don’t have to wait days or weeks to have something fixed. In 99% of the cases we get it resolved the very same day. 

Success is Key! We help each and every customer personally to ensure that they are fully informed about the dating industry. You can call us at anytime and discuss the dating business. Having been in this business for 17 years we’ve learned a few things. 

Bottom line is that we take customer service very seriously. Our top priority is our customer. When you succeed, we succeed. 

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