On 05/10/2019 our team was updated AdvanDate dating software. Please find out in this list what is new there.

October 5, 2019 / v13.2

  • CKEditor ignores tags and data attributes when editing existing PHP/HTML files
  • Apache .htaccess change FollowSymlinks to SymLinksifOwnerMatch (Security bug)
  • Facebook Graph API not returning gender anymore
  • Registration cannot be completed without ReCaptcha
  • Profile description and headline not showing nor could be edited
  • Search results does not show location or country
  • Reply to the message subject and username not filling automatically
  • Creating a new message doesn’t fill username field
  • Automatic country detection not functioning
  • Old geolocation API deprecated, need to change API endpoint
  • Message translation not working, hardcoded Google Translate API key
  • Membership status always showed Free
  • Adverts not adjusting according member group correctly
  • Emails from admin showing as nobody
  • Registration bug
  • About me new fields doesn’t saving on old users. New users are getting that fields
  • Users who viewed profiles are not displayed in the Viewed page
  • Payment gateways cannot be added under certain conditions
  • Mobile APP backend failed to function properly
  • Modifying navigation bar would cause enormous size increase in the language file
  • Added plyr video player. The ability to turn it on and off
  • Removed outdated/unplayable video formats
  • Added facebook share button to events
  • Removed outdated share links
  • Added functionality for users to skip questions if allowed to do so in the admin settings
  • Added the option to redirect users from index to login
  • Hidden the credit tab if credits were turned off
  • Template v_20 logo fix
  • Fixed display in who‘s viewed my profile
  • Fixed bug on view page – results were not showing

Previous version change log can be found on iCupid dating software change log page.

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