When you are starting online dating business, online dating website templates could become most powerful factor. A few years ago, online dating was a strange thing. It was difficult to go for a date with a stranger whom you met online. Now, the scenario is completely changed, more and more people are attracted towards online dating websites.

There is an old saying that “matches are made in heaven” but nowadays matches are made through online dating business sites.

So, if you’re planning to start your own online dating website this is the right time.  As more and more people are showing interest in online dating sites, the chances of starting a successful business is very higher.

Undoubtedly, you can kick start your online dating business with the help of online dating website templates available online on online dating website template design sites like Advandate.

Online dating website statistics

Confused? We’re sharing some online dating websites stats that will help you in understanding of popularity of online dating businesses:

  1. Nearly, 52.4% of men around the globe use online dating portals for finding their ideal dates whereas 47.6% of women use online dating sites for finding perfect date.
  2. Approximately, 40% of Americans use online dating portals. From young to old, all comes in this ratio. This ratio further divided into 27% of young age group and 12% of old age group use a dating portal.

Convinced? Before you start your online dating business, here are some important things that you need to consider:

First of all, you need to choose the online dating website template that holds your users for longer time period on your website and increase the engagement.

What is User Experience (UX)? Why It’s Important?

In simple words, User Experience is nothing but experience of a person coming to your website

and how easy or comfortable for him to use your website features.  A good user experience always focuses on the understanding of users like how easily your users are browsing your site? And Is your website is providing information in a right flow?

In a good user experience everything comes from branding, design to usability and function.

In today’s technological era, presenting the information in a perfect manner to users is the biggest challenges for online dating business. No matter what business you are doing online. The key to success is only one thing how you are showing your services and products to users and the way they are interacting.

UX in Online Dating Website Templates

UX and UI play a crucial role in starting a successful online dating website. Whether you’re developing your custom online dating business website or developing using an online dating website templates, user experience is something that you can’t ignore.

Tinder case

If you have used popular online dating website “Tinder” then you must be aware of its UX and UI. Its design, look and user experience is very interacting and engaging that’s why it is one of the popular online dating platforms with millions of active users. The perfect UX of Tinder helps this online dating platform to grow 10x faster than any other platform.

How To Improve User Experience of Online Dating Website?

At the time of choosing an online dating website templates or developing a website for online dating business considering these points for improving user experience of online dating websites is worth.

A good website is measured by several factors. One of them is the time duration of each user visiting your website. The longer duration of user on landing page the more chances of user will get attract towards your services and products you’re offering on your website.

Online dating website templates and user experience

Here, we have rounded up the top 5 ways that can help you in improving your online dating website user experience.

#1 Use Attractive Call To Actions

Powerful Call to Action words makes a big impact on users visiting your site and allows them to easily navigate to your site and find the interesting things that they are looking for.

#2 Use Attractive Images

People across the web are getting smarter. They can take a complete idea of online dating website from its look and appearance. So, choosing the attractive and high-quality images and online dating website templates is a smart idea. When it comes to beautifully designed templates for online dating website, you will get a wide range of styles to choose from.

#3 Flow

It’s worth to consider the flow of the website and information. You can easily grab potential users if your website structure is meaningful and provide the necessary points that user needs.

#4 Less is More

This statement “Less is More” is having deep meaning. You only need to add the things that make actual sense. Don’t make your website design overloaded with unnecessary things that user will find useless.

#5 Get Social

Social Media is a biggest platform where you can grow your business in no time. If you have a link of social media pages with button on your online dating website, you can get more likes and engagement on social media channels like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. So, choosing the right dating website templates with appealing social media button designs is a wise decision.


We hope above tips will help you choose the right online dating website templates for better user experience. For more online dating website templates and designs, feel free to visit our dating websites template sections or Get in touch with us!

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