Online dating website templates and user experience

October 11, 2019By Aiste

When you are starting online dating business, online dating website templates could become most powerful factor. A few years ago, online dating was a strange thing. It was difficult to go for a date with a stranger whom you met online. Now, the scenario is completely changed, more and more people are attracted towards online … Read More

Dating business ideas: seniors

September 30, 2019By Aiste

Dating business ideas are usually preferred by people and most people are making hefty money because of it. But, what kind of dating business you want, depends the genre, niche and target audience you choose. In today’s time, you have a big opportunity for senior dating too. Yes, even seniors are fully taking the benefits … Read More

Common problems with online dating business: how to solve them?

September 17, 2019By Aiste

There could be lots of problems with online dating business or with any other business when you starting it. New businessmen often seek out options they have as an angel investor in setting up an online dating business. Well, with the segment already being saturated, the need is out.

Mobile dating solutions #2: responsive mobile dating design

September 9, 2019By Aiste

The previous article was about one of mobile dating solutions: mobile dating app. Now we will talk about responsive mobile dating design and what is the difference between them both. Online dating are loved and preferred by today’s gen. They offer the users cross time zones and meet people from all corners of the world. … Read More

Mobile dating solutions #1: Mobile dating app

September 2, 2019By Aiste

There are a number of mobile dating solutions available and majority of them are online. In the past few years online dating had bloomed and people like it. This because Mobile dating app is different from conventional dating. You can find friends to date with just using the swipes and search. You don’t need to … Read More

Google Ads for online dating business: how to reach your customers?

July 26, 2019By Aiste

If you are planning to develop an dating website, Google Ads for online dating business can be an excellent option for enhancing the flow of traffic towards your website. Bringing the initial traffic for the newbie dating website can be challenging. With Google Adwords you can attract a wide array of traffic for your website. … Read More

How to create a Mobile Dating App like Tinder?

July 17, 2019By Aiste

When you planning to create your own mobile dating app it is important to understand how to do that competitive and successfully. The advanced technology has not just changed man-machine relation but also affected our interpersonal relationships at great levels. When was the last time you sent a hand written letter to your lover? Today, … Read More

UX design in online dating: best 10 tips

July 11, 2019By Aiste

UX design in online dating could become best solution for your business. Whether admit or not, we all are searching for a partner and it seems that a software is installed for this in us by our Mother Nature. So, if you are also looking for a partner with whom you can march hand in … Read More