Dating business ideas are usually preferred by people and most people are making hefty money because of it. But, what kind of dating business you want, depends the genre, niche and target audience you choose. In today’s time, you have a big opportunity for senior dating too. Yes, even seniors are fully taking the benefits of the advancement in technology and they too have a desire to find a partner for themselves after losing their partner to divorce or death. So, why not provide them with an opportunity to date and hook up with people of their age. Dating business ideas for seniors is a great option for several reasons mentioned below.

What is the advantage of having a dating app for seniors?

Often seniors don’t like to sign up on dating sites which are for people of all ages or usually where the youth signs up, like Tinder. They find it awkward to sign up where their kids are signing up for their dates. Thus, having a specialized dating app for seniors will make them look out for partners of their age and enjoy with them.

Secondly, it increases the reach of the senior people. Often seniors don’t want to maintain long distance relationship. With a dating site offering GPS location and close locations to hook up, it will get easier for the seniors to meet and contact their partner.

Dating business ideas: seniors

What kind of dating app is needed for seniors?

  • Seniors don’t need any flashy and gaudy websites and apps to communicate with people. The dating apps for seniors should be kept simple and easy. They should have a simple UI and subtle and eye comforting colors so that it doesn’t bug them.
  • Seniors have fears and difficulties when they are doing something new and different. Thus rather than presenting them with something which is tough to operate and difficult to understand, you can just offer them with right swipe for likes and left swipe for dislikes. It works great for seniors as they don’t have to learn something new.
  • Rather than making them fill the whole form of their hobbies, likes and dislikes, it is advisable that you sign them up with their Gmail, Facebook or Instagram ID so that they don’t have to go through the tedious procedure of filling a form. They will appreciate this idea a lot.
  • Do not trouble with seldom pop-up ads and dialogs. They may easily get frustrated with them. You should remember that the app is for the oldies who want to focus on one thing at a point and they will surely not appreciate the presence of ads, dialogues and other things while chatting.
  • Provide them with voice call service on your dating app. Often they don’t like to write down long messages. Thus, it is good to make conversations easier for them by providing them with audio chat and voice call options.
  • Provide them with premium services on their subscription. For instance, you can offer them with services like immediate hook up with males and females of their age.
  • Some elder people use their phone a lot more than you can imagine. Thus, it is advisable that you know your audience. Make sure you know your customers in the place you are releasing your apps. You shouldn’t launch an app if your customers are not much into smartphone.

So, with this dating business ideas try to make your app friendly as much as possible. If your app is simple and easy to operate, then it will get more and more users. A complex app or website doesn’t grab too many eyeballs.

What is good for seniors-dating app or a dating website or both?

Well, the best thing is to opt for both because then you leave no stone unturned to get the maximum users for your dating venture. But, if this is the start for you and you don’t want to invest a lot of money in it, then it is highly recommended that you should launch a dating app rather than going for a website for seniors. Try to make it senior – oriented as much as possible.

Just like any other business, you should know the potential of your target audience. Choosing an app or site could help you get the highest rate of success. A dating app is the best option if your customers are from gen X. However, you should first do a survey to find out how do seniors feel about this dating business ideas and dating app or dating site. Find out will they use it. Find out what all things they would want in their dating website and how can you make it simple for them! These are some of the things which will help you set up a great dating website or app for seniors and make it a success.


A lot of elderly people spend a great amount of time online browsing their mobile. Hence, establishing a dating app for seniors has a great chance to be successful. It will help them interact with others rather than spending time idle. Try to meet your customers’ needs and do not make it anything related to the youth.

If you are still not sure about what dating business ideas for seniors can help you gain success, then feel free to take advices from a lot of seniors and marketers. Surely you will have the best ideas in your mind.

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