AdvanDate is pleased to announce the release of version 11.2 of the iCupid Dating Software. This is a fully modified release.

Version 11.2 is designed to work with PHP version 5.6. The previous version of 11.1 worked well with PHP version 5.4 but it’s an older version of PHP. When PHP version 5.6 came out there were a lot of functions within PHP that were depreciated. This meant that if you had PHP ver 5.6 the dating software would not work properly so we rewrote the dating software to work with PHP version 5.6, hence the release of iCupid Dating version 11.2.

New Admin Area

We have completely changed the whole admin area. The older style admin area had some limitations so we decided to make it full screen so you didn’t have to expand the window or scroll right to see the rest of the content. So, we have made the admin area full screen with navigation on the left side. We have also changed the color and layout. You can see the new admin on the Admin Demo.

Mobile Swipe Dating App

With version 11.2 we also released the Tinder like mobile swipe dating app. This app allows your members to connect to your dating site via Facebook and find those members that are close to them. All your members have to do is download it, register via FaceBook and set their discovery settings to find people near them. The mobile app is fully integrated into the admin area of 11.2. If you have version 11.1 then you will need to upgrade to 11.2 if you want to use the mobile swipe dating app.

Premium Dating Template

With the release of 11.2, AdvanDate has also released our first Premium Dating Template. This new template includes a really cool front page that has FaceBook Register/Login built right in. You simply add the FB API code in the admin area and now your members can register and login via FaceBook. We also have added a new login/lost password form right into the front page itself. A simple click on Login will launch the login box right below it. Be sure to check out the Premium Dating Template Demo to see it in action.

New Data Graphs

We have changed the old graphs to a new graph style. The old style was outdated and boring. This new graph system is more enhanced and will let you download jpgs of the graphs right from the graph itself. We have replaced the graph on Members, Affiliates and Visitor Stats.

Google Maps Admin

We have also upgraded the Google Maps feature in the admin area. There as a change to the Google Maps so we implemented that new change. With this tool you can see where your members are registering from. This uses a GeoLocation to translate the IP address to the users general area. For example, if look at the map, you might see a Pin on the city of Los Angeles. That Pin will tell you that the member registered from an IP Address in Los Angeles. If you click the Pin, you will get user information.

Language Update

We have updated the Edit Language section in the admin area. Now you can edit the file right from the admin area. Before you had to go to your cpanel file manager and located and edit the language file but now you can make changes to it via the admin area.


If you have 11 or 11.1, then you’ll need to upgrade to 11.2 to use the mobile swipe dating app as well as the new Premium Dating Template. Also, if you run PHP ver 5.4 or 5.5 then you’ll need to have your hosting upgrade the PHP to version 5.6. Most hosting companies use cPanel where you can toggle your PHP between PHP ver 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 so just change your PHP to ver 5.6 and iCupid Dating Software version 11.2 will work.

There is no changelog for 11.2. This is because we modified each and every file in the dating software. If you have made modifications to your site files then this upgrade will not work for you.

You can download the iCupid Dating Software 11.2 right from the My Account area. Be sure to backup your site fully before applying this update and follow the Upgrade Instructions. Even though the upgrade instructions page says 11 to 11.1, the procedure is the same for updating from 11.1 to 11.2 but I can’t stress enough that you should back up your site. You should be backing up yoursite every day. If you need a good backup solution, read our post on Backing Up Your Site.

In Closing

We hope you like 11.2 and we’re already hard at work on 11.3. That will be a new feature version so if you want to see some features added to the iCupid Dating Software, please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.


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