CodeGuardAre you backing up your dating website daily? You need to protected your Dating Software investment. If you were to lose your site or accidentally delete your dating site database or the server crashes then you just lost all of your hard work and your dating site. All your profiles and photos are gone. You need to be backing up your dating site every day!

AdvanDate uses CodeGuard to backup all of its sites. This is a pretty cool website that will backup your dating site files and databases and keep them protected on their servers. It also allows you to set a retention period. For example if you set a 30 day retention period you can always go back 30 days to restore your dating site if you have to. You can even set the retention period to never expire which means that you will have access to any backup in your backup history.

In the event your server crashes or you accidentally delete your files then you can do a restore and put the files back or even the database back as easy as 1, 2, 3!

CodeGuard costs $5 dollars a month and gives you access to 5GB of space. You can backup your dating site and your database. You can even backup unlimited databases if you have them. There is also a free mobile app for monitoring all of your backups.

Visit CodeGuard today to protect your dating software investment!

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