UX design in online dating could become best solution for your business. Whether admit or not, we all are searching for a partner and it seems that a software is installed for this in us by our Mother Nature. So, if you are also looking for a partner with whom you can march hand in hand, then you must take help of a dating app. Online dating business is growing continuously and even you can also get into this by designing a great and easy to use dating app. Here are some of the points which you can prefer to induct in UX design in online dating app. 

#1 – How to make a perfect match? 

For dating app developers it is important that they should design dating app thinking about the end users and best way to match them. For example, these things can be done with help of plain filters or algorithms. Like, tinder matches users on basis of their location and preferences. While dine offers something unique. Users can pick any three suitable bars or restaurants. On basis of the chosen places people get matched and then they can go on a date. So overall UX design in online dating app plays a vital role.

#2 – Deciding which typography to use? 

Not only in dating applications, but in each and every form of communication typography is used. This is basically science and art of appearance, structure and font style which aims in delivering easy to read and aesthetic copies to reader. Typography helps in adding a good impression to your message on screen or print based projects. Since, good typography adds value to UX design in online dating app, so it should:

  • Work well in different sizes
  • Have distinguishable letter forms
  • Recognizable hierarchy

In fact, nowadays UX design depends on motion design that creates user feedback for user interface.

#3 – Why build empathy for end users? 

The tools should not be only creative wit and pixels, but also have whole lot of empathy. As said and believed that there is no universal rule for building relationships, the same thing can also be said for dating app design. All people are different, so there cannot be a template which fits all. A dating app designer must have deep understanding of mating models and human psyche. Overall, at end of day you will realize that designing dating app is not as easy as it seems. In fact, you can virtually embody a user to customize UI design.

#4 – Why design message logic wisely? 

So, once you have received match. There are lots of things to happen further and of course it is communication. Messenger is one of the most important element of any dating app’s UX design. Due to which it is vital to pay proper attention on UX design in online dating app. You can prefer to use push buttons such that to prevent users from missing out possible date. Another great option is real time alerts within the application like reminders, messages, matches etc.

#5 – What is UX deliverables? 

UX deliverables is one of the most crucial parts of designing process, as they are tangible work record which has occurred. These deliverables help in effective communication so that better ideas and research can be done and things can be made clear on what improvements are required.

#6 – How to make users feel secure? 

There are many apps out there which are women-friendly for example Bumble app. In this women will message first and men do have 24 hours only to answer after match expires. Many other apps are there in which one woman can message another woman. In this case, either the party can first respond. But, still there are some compromises that needs to be made as there are many shy people who even don’t know anything like starting conversations and all. Along with photos, users can even include truths, food, lie etc. These things mind tend small but for having great UX design in online dating, security is utmost important thing to take into consideration.

#7 – Whether use hover controls or not?  

Some of the dating applications have additional utility controls, such as delete and edit buttons, but it is not important that it should be shown beside every item. They can simply kept hidden so as to simplify interface and visitor’s attention on content and main controls. For example, you must have seen hover controls if ever used twitter. Hover controls are easy to achieve as it do requires simple CSS code and no JavaScript.

#8 – Which color to use and how? 

If your dating app promotes passionate and hot relationships, then you can go with red color palette for better UX design in online dating app. But you can play with color like yellow also if want to remain on safe side. In fact, there are many apps out there in market which use colors like purple red UI design as these colors seem to be more serious and best for such relationships which are built on trust. You can also consider green palette, if you would like motivate users for long term and efficient relationships.

#9 – Is keeping optional fields a good idea?  

Frankly speaking so many debates had happened on this thing. But, with the outcome is that number of optional fields in the form should be zero. Therefore, the best thing which can be done is marking those fields which are only mandatory. For example, if all total of 10 fields only 9 are mandatory to fill, then you must mark this field optional.

#10 – How and why content matter?  

When you talk about the design, one thing which cannot be overlooked is importance of right copy. It is important that you must utilize the available space effectively. For this what you need to assure is that whatever text is being added must resonate with what audience really needs otherwise it is going to be of no use. So, what really matters is quality of the content and not the quantity of content. Thus, for creating compelling content you need to make sure that it have every single bit of necessary information or questions that audience may have.

All that tips could help you ensure, that you online dating app will be easy for users.

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