The Halloween month is full and truly on and the fever is on everyone these days. People are trying different Halloween ideas to make a special impact this Halloween month. But how about going for a Halloween date, it will be lots of fun and if your partner has the same weird sense of humor, then it might be the best option for you to try it. There are so many Halloween ideas that you can try to make your date special.

Here is a look at some of the best options that you have in hand

#1. What when you Go for a long drive with a scary movie experience?

First one idea-very smart experience that will make you go wild is the long drive coupled with a Halloween movie. There is one movie that releases every week and in the Halloween month, the number of scary movies increases even more.  You must go through the reviews of the movie before going for the same if you are willing to have the best experience with your partner. It is one of the most rollicking Halloween date ideas that most of the couples are trying.

#2. What about a haunted house visit?

Another very smart idea for the Halloween date is going for a visit to the haunted house. But you and your partner need to have a big heart if you are willing to try this one. You shall make a check in to one of the popular haunted house.

Halloween Date ideas

#3. What about a haunted city tour?

This is another very special option that one can get to try and going for an outstation tour is really special. But when it comes to a haunted city tour, both you and your partner need to be courageous and big heart.

#4. What about going for a haunted hayride?

One of the special options that you can get to try is going for a haunted hayride in the corn maze. The fresh air and weather in the corn maze garden will make you go wild with the hayride. It will also help you to associate better with each other.

#5. What about going for a zombie apocalypse hunt?

What do you think about going for the zombie apocalypse hunt in your mobile app? You can try the app, put on faces and try going for the hunt of the zombies. There are lots of laughter and haunted scenes that make it one of the craziest Halloween date ideas.

#6. What about going for the Halloween twist class?

In the Halloween month, this is one of the top Halloween date ideas to go for a class which has a Halloween twist in the same. There are so many places that are offering such special offerings in the season which you can get to try.

#7. What about hosting a Halloween party?

This is another class idea that you can try but it will definitely cost you some good bucks. At the same time, it is also one of the most common Halloween date ideas but you can make it special with some twists.

#8. An amusement park visit with Halloween twists.

This is another very good idea for you especially when you and your partner love to go out. With the Halloween month full and truly on, there are so many parks that are hosting the events across various cities.

#9. What about spending a night sharing scary stories?

Another thing that you can get to try is spending the whole night with your partner and sharing the scary stories with one another.

#10. Going for a night picnic with Halloween makeup?

This is another idea for you to try when you are willing to make the night special. But the darkness of night and the makeup will make you go dark so be careful before picking up any such Halloween date ideas.

#11. Scary video games at night?

Top notch idea if you are a video games lover is going for the Halloween video games that you can play together. To make it even more special, you can try putting up the Halloween makeup.

#12. What about booking a night at haunted hotel?

This is another very special option that you both can try when you are willing to have a perfect haunted stay. Staying in a hotel located in the darkness of forests will make the experience scary and wild as well. There are many hotels that are also offering different themes so that they can make your experience even more special.

15 Scary Halloween Date ideas

#13. Why you shall try a ghost hunt?

This is another very special option that you shall try with your partner and make things special for both of you. You shall try this out only if you are having a big heart and courage as it will make you feel scary. But if you have a big heart, then it is definitely one of the best Halloween date ideas.

#14. What about making Halloween style sweets and gifting it to your friends?

This is idea that you both can try to make an impact on your friends. Host a lunch and prepare Halloween style cookies for the friends which will make it scary as well as special for you as a couple and your friends as well.

#15. What about hosting a Halloween competition?

This is another very special option that you and your partner can try especially if you are willing to enhance your social repute as well. This is one of the most trending Halloween date ideas as you can get to host a competition inviting your friends and making the day special for yourself and your friends as well.

All that ideas you can use to create perfect and scary date. If you will find person that love scary situations the same way as you, then this date could become very successful.

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