We have been busy over the last few days creating another dating software update!

This once again is a minor update which intorduces a new age field within the admin area dedicated for those website owners running couples and swingers website.

The newly added age option allows dating software webmasters to choose and create custom fields which are designed for DOB import resulting in the age being displayed on member profiles.

Before you rush to reinstall your current version ensure you do a backup, as usual the upgrade options are available via the customer area of our website.

There are no database changes in this update therefore its simply a case of updating your website files, the following files and directories have been updated;

inc/func/* – all files
inc/js/* all files
inc/exe/IM/* all files
inc/API/* – all files
inc/ajax/* – all files
newadmin/* – all files

NOTE: if you are upgrading from an version of 9 LOWER than 9.16 you may need to add the following database SQL code. Login to your hosting control panel, locate your MYSQL database, view the phpmyadmin and enter the code into a query box;

ALTER TABLE `members_privacy` ADD `profileview_friends` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL AFTER `skype` ,
ADD `profileview_nonfriend` VARCHAR( 50 ) NOT NULL AFTER `profileview_friends` ;

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