Instant Software Download

In a hurry to setup your new website? You can download the software instantly after you purchase and return at any time to download it again and again! All customers get their own customer area login details to access our members lounge for downloads and updates.

Step by Step Installation

iCupid dating software comes with a step by step installation screen helping you download, install and setup your new website with ease. Want AdvanDate to install it? No problem. Installation is free!

Built in Payment Gateways

The software has over 10 built in payment gateway systems allowing you to take payment any way you like! Payment Gateways include PayPal, Stripe, eGold, 2Checkout, ccBill, Authorizenet, PayMate, AlertPay, MoneyBookers, SaferPay, Wire Transfer and NoCheck. If you have a payment gateway that you want to see added then send us the gateway information and we’ll check it out.

Responsive Designs

Capture mobile users now with a fully responsive design. Now included in version 13 are over 20 new responsive design templates.

Scamalyze Add-On

Remove scammers and spammers before they strike your dating site with the Scamalyze Add-on.

Start Customizing Right Away!

After you have installed you can quickly get to work customizing your layout and design as well and enabling and disabling features that you don’t need.

Select a Ready-Made Design!

We have many ready-made designs developed by our design experts to help you get started. You can choose from any of the designs available.

Need something different? Contact our development team today with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do!

Design your Website

Customize your website design using the advanced design tools available via the admin area. You can change colors, images and more!

Enable / Disable Features

Not everyone wants the same features that’s why you can quickly and easily enable/disable the website features that you want using the software admin area.

Manage your website 24/7!

iCupid version 13 software comes build in with your own administration area allowing you to access and manage your website anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Anti Spammer/Scammer Tools

Block spammers and scammers before they can even hit your site. Track scammers and spammers and block them at the IP level. Block whole countries that you don’t want. All from the admin area.

Multiple Administrators

Going away for the weekend? Busy with work? Why not ask a friend or family member to help out until you get yourself back on your feet. With iCupid you can create multiple admin login accounts with their own access levels enabling others to manage your website.

Multiple Website Moderators

Members with special privileges! iCupid version 13 has a member moderator status allowing your members to help manage your website for you when you’re not online. They don’t have to access the admin area, its all done from their normal user area member account.

Hacker Detection System

Prevention is the key! iCupid software has a built in hacker detection system which will automatically block access to your website from people it suspects is being naughty! You can then access the logs via the admin area to find out what’s going on!

Well Written Code Set

Unlike many dating software applications, we have spent a lot of time and money working on the quality of our dating software code, enabling increased performance for your website. Our software code is commented throughout for your ease when further developing or modifying the software.

Powerful Admin Tools

We have spent a lot of time developing a wide range of advanced software tools enabling you to manage your website and members as easily as possible!

Create Admin Accounts

You can create multiple administrator accounts and give them difference access levels so they can login to your admin area and help you manage your website.

Admin Area Statistics

The admin area has a number of website performance graphs allowing you to quickly and easily see how your website is doing.

Membership Packages

Using our dating software you can create your own membership packages and charge as much or as little as you like! You can create upgrade packages for daily, weekly and yearly subscriptions too!

Member & Affiliate Signup Statistics

Its important to see how well your website is performing, we have included flow charts to indicate member and affiliate signup’s over a two week period.

Community Forums

iCupid has its very own built in forum software allowing you to create and manage forum topics and posts via the admin area. You can even add your own forum icons for that extra personal touch.

Instant Messenger & Private Chat

iCupid version 13 comes with its own built in instant messenger and private chat. Members can view other online members in the chat lobby and private message each other for fun and games!

Events Calendar

iCupid version 13 comes with its own events calendar module built in! You can create your own event categories via the admin area, add category icons and allow members to add events for their friends or website members.

Search and Add Events

There is nothing worse than starting a new website and having nothing on it, that’s why we integrated a event search system allowing you to search a worldwide event database and instantly add new events to your website!

Public or Private Events + Photo Albums

To add little something extra members can attract their photo albums with photos of them attending recent events to the event list description, giving a more personal touch to your website!

Member Groups

iCupid version 13 has a new groups module built in, this allows you to create and manage your main group categories via the admin, each with their own customizable icon.

Classified Ad System

iCupid version 13 has a new classified ads system built in!

Public or Private Events

Your members can choose to add their own events for everyone to see and attend or display only to their network friends.

Games and Score Board

There is nothing like a little entertainment whilst your members browse around your website, and it keeps them online too! iCupid version 13 has a games module built into the software allowing your members to play games and record their score on the high score leader board.

Member Blogs & Feeds

iCupid version 13 has a built in blogs/diary module allowing members to create their own diary posts for other members to view.

Photo, Video, Music, YouTube!

iCupid version 13 supports many files types all of which can be disabled via the admin area. Members can upload photos, videos, music and add YouTube videos to their profile.

Password Protected Albums

Sometimes its not good to share, iCupid version 13 has a password protection system allowing members to password their album access and give out the key to whomsoever they like!

Photo Album Slide shows

iCupid version 13 has a built in photo album slide show module allowing members to view their friends photo album in a slide show mode.

And much much more!