Listed below are the legal documents for both software and services offered by AdvanDate, LLC.

The license for iCupid dating software permits single use only. This means that for web server scripts, such as those using PHP/MySQL/Flash/XML, you can use the software on a single website, and any sub-domains or parked domains of the website. There are no exceptions to this unless you have written contract with AdvanDate, LLC. You may not re-distribute or re-sell this software under any circumstances.

If you are a web service provider with many customers, you can purchase multiple licenses of iCupid on behalf of your customers.

Software, Hosting and Affiliate EULA
iCupid Dating Software EULA
iCupid Dating Software
iCupid Website Hosting EULA
iCupid Dating Software
iCupid Affiliate EULA
iCupid Dating software User Guide