eMeeting Dating Software is now under new owners as of July, 2015 and has been rebranded as iCupid and under the new ownership company of AdvanDate, LLC. With the new rebranding of the eMeeting Dating Software, existing customers can expect to receive free upgrades and free support. The previous owners charged for this but AdvanDate has changed this so that all customers who own the eMeeting Dating Software get free upgrades and free support.

As of this posting (November 18, 2015), iCupid, the old eMeeting dating software, is now at version 11.1 with tons of new modern dating templates and many fixes. If you would like to see the old eMeeting in it’s newest form, simply check out our Dating Software Demo.

If you have any questions regarding the old eMeeting Dating Software or the AdvanDate iCupid Dating Software, please feel free to Contact Us.