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The best type of dating sites that will benefit from this unlimited dating traffic are free dating sites or new dating sites that are just starting out and need that traffic to help build their profile bases.

Standard Dating Traffic

$249 per month

When an ad campaign can’t be targeted in our dating network, a house campaign ad is shown. Adding your 728x90 banner to our house traffic will increase dating traffic to your dating site and increase your profile base. This is global traffic. If you want more dating traffic, consider the Premium or Platinum traffic packages. Cancel at anytime.

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Premium Dating Traffic

$449 per month

This is our premium traffic and consists of targeting traffic in the US, Canada and UK. Your ad campaign will get top placement in the ad network and give you more impressions and more clicks to your dating site. If you would like global top placement in the ad network then consider the Platinum traffic package. Cancel at anytime.

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Platinum Dating Traffic

$649 per month

This is our platinum traffic package and it consists of 2 top ad placements in all major countries around the world including US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Japan and more. Your 728x90 banner ad campaigns will get you more impressions and more clicks to your dating site. This is great for global dating sites. Cancel at anytime.

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How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to start sending unlimited quality dating traffic to your dating site, simply click on the package above that you would like. Once you purchase the dating traffic, simply send us a 728×90 banner ad along with your site URL and we'll get your ad campaign added to the dating ad network.

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