Just wanted to take a minute to address some of the fake reviews that are being posted online about AdvanDate.com being a scam and that me, Rick Jacobson the owner, being a famous Scam Artist. While these comments are laughable it’s very important address them and to point out a few things about AdvanDate.com and the postings that are appearing online.

We are an American company, located in America and our staff is located here in America. You can call us at (843) 812-5900. 

For starters, we just bought this company. In June of this year (2015) we bought DatingScripts.com and DatingScripts.co.uk which owned the product called eMeeting. The link below is the listing where you can see the sale from where we bought it from.

So, when we bought this company in June it was in severe disarray. The previous owner had neglected the software, the customers and the company. When we bought it we rebranded it under the AdvanDate/iCupid name. So yes, eMeeting is now iCupid and we’ve made some major modifications to the software. We have added many new modern templates and have made it faster and better. We have also honored all of the previous customers with free upgrades and free support. Before we bought the company, previous customers had to pay for support. That changed when we bought the company. It’s free to everyone that owns the software regardless of when it was purchased.

As for the posters claim that we are scammers, this was posted by someone who is not a customer or a customer from when the previous owners had the company. We take customer and customer service very seriously and right now our customers are liking what we’re doing. We’re listening to what our customers are telling us and we’re addressing each and every issue that comes our way. We have a instant chat on our website that allows anyone to ask us questions. Customers can even call us. We also just got nominated for Best Dating Software from iDate (International Dating Conference) so this means we’re on the right track for making this dating software solution a positive one.

Is it possible that there are people that owned the software before we bought the company and got bad support? Yes, and we know that there are quite a few of them out there. We have reached out to them to let them know that AdvanDate plays by a different set of rules. We take care of everyone regardless of what they paid for the software and when they bought it.

There are also postings that AdvanDate is charging previous customers a upgrade fee to get the new version. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All previous customers get free upgrades and free support just like new customers. Our software is a pay one time and never pay again for upgrades or support.

The bottom line is that sometimes you can’t believe what you read on the Internet. There are dating software providers that post fake reviews in hopes of tarnishing ones reputation. This seems to be a common occurrence in the dating software industry.

We’re also located in America and you can call me on our company number at (843) 732-4944 and speak directly with me. My name is Rick Jacobson and I’m the owner of the company.