Remove Scammers and Spammers Before They Strike!

Are you doing enough to stop scammers and spammers?

Regardless of what you think, over 20% of your dating traffic will be scammers and spammers looking to make money off your members. Scamalyze's custom Addon will take care of that so that you don't have to. Stop scammers and spammers before they strike and save your dating site reputation.

With the AdvanDate Scamalyze™ Addon, you can spend less time checking profiles for known scammers and spammers and more time promoting your dating site. Let Scamalyze handle it all.

Scamalyze analyzes all new and edited profiles, photos and verbiage against our known scammer and spammer database. This database contains millions of records of data of known scammers. Stop them before they strike!

Scamalyze Logo

Key Scamalyze Features Include:

  • Automatic Scammer Detection
  • Automatic Scammer Removal
  • Custom Learning Function
  • Custom Threshold Settings
  • And Much More...

Simply add the Scamalyze Addon to your iCupid Dating Site via the Addons area in the Admin area. Once added all new profiles, photos and profile text will be scanned against our Scamalyze database and if flagged the profile will be automatically sent to your Banned area. 

To get the Scamalyze Addon, simply contact us.