When it comes to a mobile cryptocurrency payment solutions, AdvanDate partnered with Requitix.io to offer cryptocurrency payment solutions. The Requitix Confidence System is built into the up-and-coming release of iCupid version 13. We’re also going to be integrating the Requitix payment solution inside the mobile dating apps.

If you’re new to mobile payment gateways then you know app stores like iTunes (Apple) do not allow you to add your own credit card payment gateway. This is because Apple wants you to use theirs so that they can take their 30% transaction fee. This is one of the most ridiculous things but it’s Apple and that’s how they roll but recently they’ve been allowing cryptocurrency gateways to reside in any iOS apps that have been submitted. It’s a sign of good things to come for cryptocurrency users.

With the addition of the Requitix Confidence System built into the AdvanDate mobile dating apps, you will be able to sign up for a merchant account at Requitix.io and plug the API key into your site admin area. That will activate the Requitix Mobile Payment Gateway inside the dating app for Google Playstore and Apple iTunes apps. This effectively lets you offer your members a way to upgrade their memberships with the RQX cryptocurrency payment gateway. Requitix will also be rolling out a way to exchange other cryptocurrencies to RQX from within that app itself. This is good news for all AdvanDate mobile dating app customers who want to get in on this new blockchain technology. For more information on Requitix, check out our post AdvanDate Partners with Requitix.


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