The upgrade package for version 9.28 is now available for download in the customer area (includes just the files that have changed).

Unzip the file and following the instructions in the readme.txt file

In the Customer area
select Download Software
In the Software Updates section
select Version 9.28

*** Note you must be on version 9.27 before you can apply the changes for version 9.28 ***

The full download version of 9.28 is also available for New Installations only

Changes in Version 9.28
Fixed problem with cached pages in Internet Explorer
Fixed problem with permissions for read messages
Do not allow single quotes in Username field
Fixed recent photo albums for gender option
Fixed display recent videos only approved videos
Fixed gender matching for match settings
Adjusted the position of wink window
Fixed charset for the forums
Fixed private chat problem (removed mb_convert_encoding)
Removed timestamp from URL
Fixed email validation problem
Fixed pdf popup page on download pdf option
Fixed alert messages for moderators
Fixed problem with album public passwords
Fixed comments on articles
Fixed split function depreciated message on Affiliates
Removed slashes from message text
On whos viewed my profile removed header section
Fixed problem with adding events
Make Terms and Conditions read only on registration page
Privacy settings fixed translation for profile access sections
Fixed mail message counter on overview page
In admin area included youtube videos in unapproved videos
Fixed problem with sending newsletters in Admin area
Fixed sending email for approved member
Fixed problem with member gallery plugin

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