The upgrade package for version 9.27 is now available for download in the customer area (includes just the files that have changed).

Unzip the file and following the instructions in the readme.txt file

In the Customer area
select Download Software
In the Software Updates section
select Version 9.27

*** Note you must be on version 9.26 before you can apply the changes for version 9.27 ***

The full download version of 9.27 is also available for New Installations only

Changes in Version 9.27
Fixed Articles problem with Search Engine Friendly option
Changed All Members to Search Results
Fixed problem with calendar events rating
Show only active approved member on bottom home page
Fix for thumbnail images
Modified verfication code to include more numbers and letters
Modified footer menu spacing
Fixed gender on instant messenger online list
Modified message length for instant messenger
Fixed font on viewed profile
Fixed email validation problem
Show albums based on gender matching option
Modified order by for messages
Show profile rating for member logged in
All moderator to see all groups
All keyword search with gender matching option
Fixed problem with postcode search for UK
Added pagenation to Videos page
Fixed Recent Member Activity
Modifed the video displayer when playing videos
Allow mp4 file type for videos
Fixed alignment for age/dob field
Fixed menu background color for v11_green template
Fixed login text for Affiliates (email to username)
Fixed translation for text on Site Map page
Fixed winks in inbox dropdown box
Fixed problem with friends list
Hide online status for member taking a break
Removed my favorites on Advanced search page
Admin area – send email when member is approved
Admin area – fixed problem with characters when editing language file
Admin area – fixed depreciated message that were displayed
Admin area – fixed problem with email reminders number of days

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