The upgrade package for version 9.26 is now available for download in the customer area (includes just the files that have changed).

Unzip the file and following the instructions in the readme.txt file

In the Customer area
select Download Software
In the Software Updates section
select Version 9.26

*** Note you must be on version 9.25 before you can apply the changes for version 9.25 ***

The full download version of 9.26 is also available for New Installations only

Changes in Version 9.26

Fixed problem with adding Groups
Fixed titles for Search Engine Friendly option
Add language file Taiwanese (Chinese Traditional)
Fixed problem with link for comments
Fixed Recent Blogs Description
Only show active members for Featured members and IM list
Fixed bottom of page display for new members
Fixed recently viewed forums default photo
Moved watermark to bottom of photos
Fixed indent for bullet list
Fixed order of calendar types
Fixed problem with Terms & Conditions checkbox
Changed order of membership packages to be by price
Fixed admin alert email for register and update profile
Fixed rn that were displayed on featured events
Fixed default status display
Fixed sending a message on photo page
Fixed problem with profile access friends and nonfriends
Fixed friends partner count
Fixed privacy settings page to allow form submit to update all sections
Changes to the Userplane plugin for admin access
Add plugin for to update membership on postback

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