If you are planning to get into online dating then you must take help of Google Analytics for online dating business. Online dating without any doubt has gained wide popularity within past few years and the main reason is its features and ease of accessibility. Therefore, seeing great success in this business many more are launching dating apps and websites with an aim of good profit margins. So, here are some great things in google analytics for online dating business, that could help you.

Conversions and goals

 This report by Google Analytics is really very helpful in deciding the success of your dating business. But, for better report it is important that you should setup proper Google analytics account. Goals such as calls, requests, business emails, information, form completion and others require more better setup. In fact, you need to even tell Google what are specific goals which you want to be completed.

Setting goals is really important as it makes process easier for you. This means you can see what kind of marketing channels and online behavior can convert people into real lead.

Google analytics for online dating business: How to measure success


The GEO section by Google analytics covers location and language of the visitors which are visiting your dating website. The location and language categories both include standard charts which shows conversion data, acquisition and behavior. In fact, you can ensure success of dating business with location service as it even displays live location of your visitors. Not only this, map is extremely helpful for targeting search ads. It is working especially when you are familiar with the languages and locations of visitors which can be converted into real time goals with help of Google Analytics. With Google Analytics for online dating business you can also know about the marketing efforts which you are putting together to make your dating website business more successful.

Google analytics for online dating business: How to measure success

Understanding page exits

 With help of Google Analytics for online dating business you can know various things about exit pages or simply pages by which user closes window or navigate to some other site. These pages are something which you need to reconsider about as pages are filled with content. Thus, if you are running dating site then you can have online profiles and contents of eligible bachelors in one particular area. You must check in both scenarios to know what kind of pages users leave. Once you are done with thinking different methods or content which visitors find more engaging. Think and try something new to redo the pages so that visitors find content engaging. This means that, users are interested in your dating business page and will continue using it.

Devices and more technology

Mobile first prioritization by Google is something which helps user in getting quality experience and this is really important. This means, website mobile versions will be used over typical desktop versions due to rise in use of mobile. A mobile friendly website get more benefits and favors in search results. That’s why it has become much important that you deliver a good mobile dating website if want to make business successful. On the other hand, B2B businesses see more traffic on desktop version. Therefore, Google will first use websites mobile version and also desktop versions. So, for success think about your audience first whenever assessing device traffic and make sure that engagement behavior is always on point for your customers.

Setting up intelligence event

Intelligence event is feature of Google analytics which allows the user to set parameters for monitoring unusual activities of site and sending alerts to authorized managers. Analytics will even record data surrounding the event and then send alert to user. In fact, many users believe that they might have noticed significant increase in their website traffic or towards their business. Well, in this scenario you can simply monitor metrics and other important elements.

Google analytics for online dating business could help to identify website users, understand them, understand what kind of website would be perfect to users and make business more profitable.

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