When it comes to starting a new dating site we’ve got 10 tips for you to help you be more successful. Here you go:

  1. Don’t charge memberships until you get a good profile base of real people. Charging for memberships when you don’t have any members will send a bad message. Besides, would you pay for a membership if there weren’t any members? No… So, keep it free.
  2. Block profile views from guest/visitors. You don’t want people to see your content until they register. This is marketing 101. Force registration to see the content. The money’s in the lead. Once you have them registered then you can market to them. It’s all about the lead. So change the Guest Membership in Admin, Billing, Manage Access and check all your boxes for profile views.
  3. Change your images. By default the dating software includes generic dating images. Don’t use them for your specific niche. If you’re a motorcycle dating site then don’t use a photo of 2 seniors. Change the images to match your niche. But before changing them get the dimensions of your image and the file name. They’re in the /inc/templates/name/images folder. Get a new image then save it as same name and resize it to the same size then upload via Admin, Design, Template images. Clear cache to see changes.
  4. Monetize your site in free mode by putting AdSense on some other banner ad campaigns via Admin, Settings, Banners & Ads. This way you can may money per impression/click while in free mode.
  5. Show banners to free members but not paid members. Paid members don’t want to see it so only show banners to free members. Can do that in Admin, Settings, Banners & Ads.
  6. Set your profile questions to match your niche. By default, the dating software has generic profile questions. Change them to fit your niche.
  7. Adding more genders. The dating software lets you change all profile questions including genders. You don’t just have to have male/female, you can add as many more as you like or change the male/female. Up to you.
  8. Lifetime memberships are key. Offer a lifetime membership. Set it to 6 times your monthly membership and watch more people buy those instead of monthly. Remember, the lifespan of a dating site user is 3 months. Get more out of them with lifetime memberships.
  9. Be responsive and answer all questions from members. Don’t hide your contact page. Post  your number on your About page and be transparent. Give your customers the warm fuzzies.
  10. Don’t be a scammer! Don’t try to trick people. Don’t create fake profiles and login as them to get someone to pay. It’s illegal and people will blacklist your site.

Hope you enjoyed this 10 tips and as always, give us a call if you have questions. We’re here to help.

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