With any website you will want to know where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing, how much time they spend on your site and where they leave. The same thing applies to Dating Site Analytics. This data gives you great knowledge on what you should be doing with your dating site. We’ll go over a few key things that you should be using and looking for.

First things first. You want to install Google Analytics on your dating site. Simply go into Google Analytics and get your UA id. It’s the account number for your GA account. It starts with UA- and then a number. What you want to do with the AdvanDate Dating Software is log into your admin area, go to Plugins and then go to Google Analytics and add that code. Now Google Analytics will track all of your visitor details including where they came from, browser they use, if the bailed, what page they bailed on and so much more.

One of the key items of Google Analytics is your Bounce Rate. This tells you how many people are going to your site then leaving. You want to make sure your Bounce Rate is low as possible. To have a Bounce Rate of about 30% is just fine. If you see this number then don’t worry, it’s a good number. Bounce Rates over 50% should be addressed and resolved.

The issue with Bounce Rate is landing page. If you have a 70% Bounce Rate on the main page then you need to try to jazz it up a bit. Maybe your images don’t really reflect your niche. Play around and check your Bounce Rate as time goes by. Then use the Compare feature to compare it to a previous period to see if your Bounce Rate is dropping. If it is then you’re doing the right thing.

Another key item of GA is the Landing Page. Go to Behavior, Site Content then Landing Page. This will tell you what pages your visitors are hitting on your site. If you see a large number of visitors on a specific page then you can look at that page to see if you can optimize it for better conversions.

Yet another key item is Acquisition, All Traffic and Referrals. This tells you where most of your referral traffic is coming from. You want to know where your visitors are coming from. This All Traffic area also tells you where all of your traffic is coming from. Whether it’s Organic traffic, Referral traffic, Social Media or others. As with all of your traffic, you want to know where it’s all coming from.

Using Google Analytics will help you find weak areas of your dating site. It will help you optimize your site so that you can get the maximum traffic. You want relevant traffic that stays on your site for longer periods. The longer a visitor stays on your dating site the more registrations you can possibly get and a registration leads to conversion.

If you have any questions about Dating Site Analytics then be sure to contact us.

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