AdvanDate Online Dating AssociationAdvanDate Online Dating Association was created to help dating site owners create a more trustworthy dating site by which their customers could feel better knowing that the dating site they are on is taking the necessary steps to make sure that personal information is protected and that no one is getting scammed.

We all know that there are a lot of dating sites out there that have scammers on them. In fact there’s not a dating site out there that doesn’t have someone on it looking to scam money out of unsuspecting members. The key feature of the AdvanDate Online Dating Association is to give more awareness to dating site owners, especially new ones, that there are people out there looking to rip off their customers. We want to make sure that dating site owners are educated in that respect and that they are taking the necessary steps they need in order to curb this behavior.

As a AdvanDate Online Dating Association, our main objective is to verify that all of our dating associates follow simple guidelines in helping to protect the money spending consumer. We also ensure that all associates handle all consumer complaints properly.

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