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advandate Staff asked 4 months ago

If you want to change the site colors for any template then you’ll need to edit the stylesheet of that specific template in /inc/templates/name (Where name is the template name you’re using) but if you’re wanting to change the members and guest header/footer colors then you’ll need to edit the /inc/css/dynamic_css.php file and find your template name and change the color code to what you want.

For example, if you want to change the new template v21_cupidlove header/footer colors then go to the dynamic_css.php file and edit it and find this section:

$template_color = “#191f25”;
$bogy_bg = “#eaeaeb”;
$White_color = “#fff”;
$light_gray_color = “#eee”;

The v21_cupidlove has a blackish color code to it so if you want to change that color then you want to change the first option above for:  $template_color and simply change the color code from 191f25 to the color code that you want to use. Then save the file. That’s it. Your template guest and members area color is now changed. Be sure to delete browser cache to see the changes.

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advandate Staff answered 3 months ago

It’s on line 30 in the dynamic_css.php file. The file is located in /public_html/inc/css/dynamic_css.php.