Newsletters for dating sites. Is it useful?

June 30, 2020By Aiste

Marketing and other industry Gurus have been preaching that email is dead for long. However, there is no other better strategy that engages your customer and promotes brand loyalty than the so-called “Newsletter”. Just friends or near ones update each other with ongoing changes, companies can build friendly relationships and grow their bond stronger by … Read More

Monetization Strategy for mobile dating app

June 11, 2020By Aiste

Every dating app owner will always want their business to grow, and for this, they need to increase the audience interest more. With advanced monetization strategy, they can easily achieve their desired target.

Online dating and Coronavirus. What can we expect after it will stop?

May 27, 2020By Aiste

The pandemic Coronavirus has changed everything all over the world. In this pandemic situation, people are more focused on staying away from others as everyone is in their home with social isolation. During the lockdown, most of the people are only virtually connected through the online media.

How to set up google ads campaign for dating site

May 6, 2020By Aiste

Google Ads is a contextual advertising system where advertisers auction a specific keyword.  So that when someone does a search on Google, the ads made by it are visible to everyone. However, the advertiser will have to pay Google. Suppose you search a query related to dating in Google. Google then displays relevant websites according … Read More

How to write a business plan?

April 24, 2020By Aiste

The business plan is a project unit in order to achieve investment financing and other development goals, based on scientific research, analysis, collection and collation of relevant information on the project after a preliminary period, based on a certain format. According to the specific requirements of the content, it is a written material that comprehensively … Read More

UI Designs: Trends for 2020

April 14, 2020By Aiste

2020 is already on run and technology has influenced the design trends every year. It’s the responsibility of the designers to be aware of the existing and upcoming design trends. The constant learning, improvement and expanding the designs are part of being up to date with the current market.

Facebook Marketing for dating site

April 1, 2020By Aiste

Social media is much effective and powerful platform when it comes to marketing and bringing traffic to any dating website. You can plan the right strategies for Facebook marketing for dating site to gain the attention of dating site lovers around the globe.

Online Dating Blog: is it a good option to attract an audience?

March 12, 2020By Aiste

Dating has changed a lot over time. It was practical before a few decades, but after the Industrial Revolution, the adult life became like factory life. Now, these things got a little more romantic: Thursday night dance classes at the rec centre, double features at the drive-in, staring longingly into each other’s eyes and staring … Read More

How to build an effective content strategy for your Mobile App?

March 2, 2020By Aiste

As a mobile app proprietor, it is significant that you progress in the direction of building a relationship with the app clients. This relationship and its quality rely vigorously on the content or contents behind it. A mobile app that can attract customers and keep them exciting offers to the association direct access to the … Read More