iCupid Dating Software – Version 9.27

June 18, 2012By advandate

The upgrade package for version 9.27 is now available for download in the customer area (includes just the files that have changed). Unzip the file and following the instructions in the readme.txt file In the Customer area select Download Software In the Software Updates section select Version 9.27 *** Note you must be on version … Read More

7 Ways to Increase your Dating Website Traffic

June 14, 2012By advandate

So, we all know that in the core of it all, traffic is the most essential thing to a successful online dating website. Aside from ensuring that you have a great dating website layout and easy signup form for your visitor to signup quickly, it would be time to get to the nitty gritty of … Read More

Honesty Really is the Best Policy

June 13, 2012By advandate

The best way to begin writing your profile is to carefully analyze your past relationship (s). What was right? What was wrong? What things really made you like the last girl? Which didn’t? Don’t assume that just because you hated that your last girl was so totally self-involved that she couldn’t see anything else, you’ll … Read More

Paid Dating Traffic

June 13, 2012By advandate

There are so many success stories you will hear about businesses making it good in the internet. The troubling thing is, there are maybe a tenfold or even a hundredfold of stories contradictory to theirs. Many have unsuccessfully launched a business enterprise that is internet based but only a handful shall succeed. Is this through … Read More

iCupid Dating Software Affiliate Program

June 24, 2009By advandate

I just wanted to let you know we have a new affiliate program that could help you make extra $$$ online right now! You can join our affiliate program today completely free and we will provide you with a selection of high quality banners to place on your web site. If someone clicks on the … Read More

Dating Software – Version 9 Update

June 23, 2009By advandate

We have started on the migration over to version 9.19 including the upgrade download which will now be available on Wednesday 24th via the dating scripts customer area. The upgrade resolves a few bug fixes found in 9.18 mainly admin layout issues for those upgrading from version 8 to 9. Let me please remind everyone … Read More

Dating Software Update 9.19

June 17, 2009By advandate

This weekend we plan on adding another small update to include a free small administration features as requested by our members, we plan to include; – options to run the website without md5 encryption – options to manage features groups/ videos via the admin area. there will also be a few small updates, function changes … Read More

iCupid Version 9.18 Update

June 9, 2009By advandate

We have released a small update for version 9.18, this resolved some minor issues with the missing files javascript files for version 9.17 full. The update also includes some additional admin functionality and function optimization. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind people of our new RSS feed which allows you to … Read More

iCupid Dating Software ver 9.17

June 4, 2009By advandate

We have been busy over the last few days creating another dating software update! This once again is a minor update which intorduces a new age field within the admin area dedicated for those website owners running couples and swingers website. The newly added age option allows dating software webmasters to choose and create custom … Read More

Nice Guys Do It Too

June 3, 2009By advandate

I’m talking about online dating, of course. When the phenomenon of online dating sites started several years ago, they were a haven for perverts, sexual predators, nerds, and weirdos of assorted varieties. That is just no longer the case. All the stigma of online dating is gone. Online dating has gone main stream and is, … Read More

Dating Software Update 9.16

May 27, 2009By advandate

We shall shortly be updating the software download area with version 9.16, this is a minor software update which includes small changes to some of the language files, globals file and admin area. There is nothing major in this release therefore if your website is running smoothly there isn’t any need to update.

Dating Software Update Version 9.15

April 23, 2009By advandate

This weekend we will be releasing a small update for our dating software, version 9.15. It addresses a small number of grammar changes in a few of the language packages and includes some of the admin bug fixes. Please check our dating software forums for file updates.