AdvanDate Nomination

November 3, 2015By advandate

Today we received some awesome news from the folks over at iDate (International Dating Conference). Seems AdvanDate has been nominated for Best Dating Software for the iCupid Dating Software and Best Affiliate Program for the AdvanDate Dating Ad Network. AdvanDate has been working hard to push out some of the best dating software on the market. This … Read More

Niche Market Dating Sites

November 1, 2015By advandate

When it comes to creating a profitable online dating website you want to create a niche market dating site. So what exactly is a niche market dating site? Most major dating sites like, and others fall into large generalized dating sites. They are not unique in their audience. When you see a site … Read More

Mobile Dating App Release

October 28, 2015By advandate

Looking to compliment your dating site with a Tinder like mobile dating app? AdvanDate will release the iCupid Mobile Dating App in December. Now’s your chance to offer your visitors a Tinder/Grindr like experience with the iCupid Mobile App with features like Swipe Left/Right, Email, Chat and more. The app will include PSD files for the … Read More

How To Build a Dating Website

October 26, 2015By advandate

Online dating is a extremely profitable business. The US and Europe see it as a 4 Billion dollar a year industry. That is correct, Billion with a “B”. With all this money in the online dating industry you have to ask yourself “How Do I Build a Dating Website?”. It’s rather quite simple and very … Read More

Monetize Your Dating Site

October 17, 2015By advandate

Looking for a way to monetize your dating site? Use the AdvanDate Dating Ad Network to earn cash from your dating website. Our Ad Network works just like AdSense but gives you the opportunity to earn more. This is because AdvanDate pays all publishers 50% to 90% of the click value. It works like this. … Read More

iCupid Dating Software ver 11

October 11, 2015By advandate

AdvanDate is pleased to announce the release of iCupid Dating Software version 11. This new modern dating version is Fully Responsive. This means that your dating site will adjust to fit any screen. From any mobile device to a desktop. The dating software has been modified to fit all screens. Besides being Fully Responsive, we … Read More

Next Dating Software

October 8, 2015By advandate

AdvanDate is hard at work wrapping up the next version of the dating software. Version 11 contains many new enhancements that include being 100% fully responsive. This means that the dating site will adjust to any device you are using. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or a desktop computer. The dating software will automatically … Read More

Buy Dating Profiles

August 13, 2015By advandate

If you’re looking to buy dating profiles then keep a couple things in mind. The first thing is that adding profiles to your dating site can make it look busy and give your site some substance. The second thing is our Professional Package and Developer Package comes with over 20,000 global dating profiles. This means … Read More

Preview Dating Templates

August 4, 2015By advandate

While AdvanDate offers over 40 dating templates FREE with the dating software, now you can view each template front page to see each template in action. Keep in mind that each template has its own color scheme as well as all the images and text can be replaced via the admin area. You don’t need to touch … Read More

Are You Backing Up Your Dating Site?

August 2, 2015By advandate

Are you backing up your dating website daily? You need to protected your Dating Software investment. If you were to lose your site or accidentally delete your dating site database or the server crashes then you just lost all of your hard work and your dating site. All your profiles and photos are gone. You need to be backing … Read More