Ways of attracting members to an online dating website

In recent years, the concept of online dating websites has been well received and popularized, hand in hand with the fast moving modern lifestyle. I bet, many of you out there already own your small online dating websites and are doing pretty well. Some are probably earning more than expected! However, not all are so lucky and must be wondering why your website isn’t getting many hits. And even if you are getting adequate hits, you must be pondering, why people aren’t signing up. Today, I am going to discuss the importance/benefits and the know-how of attracting more members to your dating website.

Okay, you have published your dating website with a resolute intention to bring people together, and in the process you also intend to earn a considerable amount of money. My advice is, never deviate from your 2nd objective?. Studies reveal that 1 out of every 16 internet users in Europe alone pay for dating services each year. By the year 2011, online expenditure on dating is estimated to reach an incredible total of 549 million Euros (US$742 million). Considering all these numbers as a motivator, you need to keep determined on your goal, even if your website isn’t that popular yet. With just a few marketing ticks and tactics, you will be having more members to your website in no time:

• Aim and choose the state/region you want your website to operate in. In other words, choose a local target market. Opting for an international dating database doesn’t pay off all the time as members often face an array of difficulties in properly communicating with one another. And hey, don’t feel unenthusiastic of starting small. One day, you will make it big for sure. Have the full confidence.

• Affiliation is the key. More you affiliate, more traffic, you will get. Team up with other websites to bring in more prospective members to your dating website. Promote your website further by providing bundled facilities agreed upon by other websites and affiliates. This method is often very effective and it too brings in traffic.

• Provide limited access – force your visitors to sign up before allowing them any access to your website. This should help to build a substantial member database. This will also help your website in the long run because if people come across a website with no members, they aren’t going to register and create a profile.

• Try your best to get the website listed on every popular dating directory. There are numerous dating directories out there on the web and they manage to bring in a heavy amount of traffic.

• Seek out other dating and social networking websites which are very popular and have a large member database. Try to have numerous accounts in these websites; especially the ones that allow free signups to promote your own dating website further via personal messages to the members.

• Search Engine Optimization: Include unique or common key words in your website e.g. easy dating, date singles etc. so that whenever anyone searches for something similar to words found on your website, your dating website will be listed in the search results.

• Have a company visiting/business card mentioning web address of your dating site. Give it around, wherever you go. Let word in on your friends and family about your dating website. This will greatly help in promoting the website.

• Always try to incline your website’s motives towards singles and swingers from various social dating and networking websites. Another thing that you must realize is that, studies have shown that women are less likely to use or respond to online dating websites. Remember, in most cases, men are browsing dating sites in order to find women. Take it up as a challenge and try to get more attractive women to sign up on your website. You will be surprised by the number of hits at your site.

Remember to be patient and hopeful. Dating websites are considered to be gradual growers, and the success of the website principally depends on its popularity and comprehensive member database.

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