AdvanDate is currently working in partnership with to offer dating site owners the next generation payment solution in the form of a new cryptocurrency being offered by Requitix.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Requitix will be available to AdvanDate dating software customers as a better payment gateway solution than PayPal and other credit card processing companies due to four main components of the Requitix Confidence System.

Key features of Requitix include Trusted Reviews, Scammer/Spammer Protection, Zero Chargebacks and a low transaction fee of .5%. That’s great news considering that many credit card companies charge well over 3% in transaction fees plus chargeback fees and other monthly fees.

AdvanDate is currently working with Requitix to integrate the Requitix Payment Solution into the iCupid dating software and will be available in version 13. To get started all you need to do is install version 13 and sign up for a Requitix Merchant Account

You can check out the Requitix Explainer Video here.

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