Today marks 15 years that we have been in the dating software business. With over 15 years in the business, AdvanDate brings you more experience and a more advanced product than any other dating software provider and with over 20,000 dating sites sold around the world, AdvanDate is the most popular dating software solution around.

To celebrate 15 years in the dating software business, AdvanDate has extended the 50% Off Christmas Special until the end of the year. Now you can get any dating software package at 40% off. Simply use the coupon code DS1211 when you checkout.

AdvanDate has one objective and that is to offer you a dating software package that will make you money. Isn’t that why you started a dating site? If you have an idea for a dating site then we can help you get there. We do it every day for thousands of customers and with customer service in mind, you’ll quickly find that AdvanDate is quite different than any other dating software provider. Call us today at (843) 732-4944 to experience the AdvanDate difference.

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